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    Uzbekistan is certainly one of the countries I’d like to visit.

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    Uzbekistan: heart of the Great Silk Road

    Uzbekistan is a country in the Central Asian region known to the whole world as one of the main trade hubs on the Great Silk Road. Unique monuments of ancient architecture and a rich culture of the country, along with the developed modern tourist infrastructure, attract the most sophisticated travelers from all corners of the globe.

    The main tourist destinations of course are the ancient cities of Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara. It was these great centers of ancient culture that had a huge impact on the development of the entire Central Asian region as a whole. The magnificent architectural complexes and unique cultural diversity that have been preserved to this day are the main confirmation of this.


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    Far East is certainly a very interesting direction for travel, but what do you think of Central Asia? For example, do you know anything about Uzbekistan? Probably not much, but meanwhile this is one of the oldest places on the planet. For a long time the cities of this country were one of the main points of the great Silk Road. What images come to your mind when you hear about Uzbekistan?

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