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    Cal Murphy

    Do you need help relocating your vehicle and stuff out of California? Maybe to Texas? Oklahoma? Florida? North Carolina? Maine? North Dakota? Anywhere in the continental USA? Maybe even Alaska!


    Hello, I’m Cal, I’m retired from AAA, married for 44 years, and have been a long-haul trucker, which means I spent weeks or months at a time on the road. I can handle almost any vehicle, or road situation that comes up. I ALWAYS DRIVE ALONE. I do not take riders or goods for anyone else unless YOU need to ride along. I’ve been all over the Lower 48, and work to keep expenses as low as possible, for you, and I do not take side trips for sightseeing.

    There are details to discuss, costs, roadside assistance, etc. We can talk by email at [email protected] and later by phone.

    I’m located in Los Angeles County.

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    Celeste Hedequist

    Driving from Arizona to Texas offers a variety of scenic routes depending on your starting and ending points. One popular option is taking I-10, which offers stunning desert landscapes and mountain views. Another scenic route is taking US-191 through eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, offering picturesque views of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the White Mountains. Ultimately, the best option weather car/truck depends on your preferences and desired stops along the way. Safe travels!

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    rebicca holmes

    Embark on a scenic journey as you drive your car/truck from the vibrant landscapes of Arizona to the Lone Star State of Texas. Experience the diverse terrain, from Arizona’s deserts to Texas’s expansive plains. This road trip promises adventure, allowing you to explore the unique charm and culture each state has to offer. Pack your essentials and hit the open road for an unforgettable cross-state drive.

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    Gordon Hawkins

    I am interested in driving your car/truck from Arizona to Houston/East Texas.

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