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    looks good

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    Hello Man!

    I’m new in Canada and currently living in Calgary. I don’t know much about companies and someone suggested me this moving company and as per him, it’s the affordable and best. Can you pls guide me more about it?

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    Angie Schuyler

    I am a 59 year old female, relocating, from the RV capital of the world, north/central Indiana, to Moorcroft Wyoming, which is in the area of the Black Hills. I’m wanting to get as close to there, as possible, and as soon as possible.
    I am an ex motocross mom. I have dragged trailers, behind vans, and motorhomes, all over the Midwest. I also drove, for the RV industry. I am experienced with driving all kinds of vehicles, up to 40ft, Class A, motorhomes. I have also driven uhaul type box truckers, several times.
    I prefer a car, truck, van, or small motorhome. I don’t want pull a trailer. I will consider larger motorhomes. I just feel more confident, and at ease, in smaller units.
    I travel, with a furry canine, and would cover all upholstery, and clean the dog hair, from your vehicle, upon delivery. I am a professional cleaner and will do a great job.
    I am traveling very light, so even a small car would be adequate for us.
    I am very responsible, don’t drink or do illegal drugs, have great professional references, and have an excellent driving record.
    You would only need to pay for insurance, gas, and food, and be prepared to handle any mechanical problems, on the road.
    I am not a mechanic and I have no financial cushion.
    If you need to contact me, please do so, by email, to [email protected]
    Please use the title “INDIANA TO WYOMING”

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