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    Cal Murphy

    Available after May 28 – Driver from Southern California Area to ANYWHERE in the Lower 48


    I am retired from AAA, 68, married 42 years, a father and grandfather, and I play Santa in Old Town Pasadena. I am available to drive your vehicle ANYWHERE in the continental United States. Ideally, the starting point would be somewhere in Southern California, but I am willing to consider beginning in other areas, depending on the circumstances, which we can discuss.

    I have experience as an over-the-road trucker in the continental USA, I have been, as a trucker, to 45 of the lower 48, only Maine, Vermont, and Michigan remain. I love the open road and listening to audiobooks and tapes, or listening to great music. Of course, I would be thrilled to assist you in getting your vehicle safely to your chosen destination.

    For you I will:

    – Safely deliver your vehicle in a timely manner.

    – Drive for at least 8 hours a day (unless the trip is shorter than 8 hours).

    – Discuss my recommended travel path, using the AAA “Trip-Tik” app which notes in advance where there may be issues with normal driving, such as road construction, wildfire risks, and other things which would slow travel. I will also use the Waze app on my 5G cellphone and, if requested, I will send you a link so you can see my progress.

    – Avoid overestimation of expenses by keeping detailed receipts, I will not only keep paper receipts of fuel purchases, but I will also take photos of the mileage on your odometer when I stop for fuel, as well as a photo of the fuel pump showing the amount spent and the number of gallons pumped.

    – Avoid delays by NOT going off the navigation we agreed to for sightseeing.

    – Pay for my own food, which often I purchase at Walmart stores when one happens to be immediately beside the highway because they often have a grocery department where I can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits.

    – Always carry my AAA Premier card and I do have towing available for your car, van, or pickup up to 200 miles. I can add RV to my membership if needed, but there would be a seven-day wait for that to become valid, but an RV tow is limited to only 100 miles. The Premier membership has trip-interruption coverage, we carry 100/300 auto insurance protection, with 50/100 uninsured/underinsured coverage, as well as 5,000 medpay.

    What I ask in return (negotiable):

    – $12/driving hour.

    – All fuel costs, and will keep all receipts.

    – Lodging costs, on my most recent trip, three nights were a total of about $170, I try very faithfully to find hotels that are under $75 a night, and have paid as little as $40 for a night.

    – Return airline ticket, 1 seat, 2 checked bags, (a suitcase, and a tote bag) and I carry on my backpack. I prefer Southwest Airlines where bags are free, however, I will consider other airlines, with two exceptions, neither Spirit nor Frontier as they do not have sufficient knee room for my height. Or if available, I would be willing to ride up to three days and two nights (not expecting pay for those days), on Amtrak.

    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at [email protected], and let’s negotiate.

    Kindest regards, and thank you for your time and consideration.

    Finally, and FTR, I have no criminal history and have lived in the same town since 1986 and at the same address since December 1998.

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