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    Cal Murphy

    Do you need help relocating your vehicle and belongings anywhere in the continental USA?

    Hello, my name is Cal, I am retired from AAA, and have been a long-haul trucker. That means I spent weeks or months at a time on the road. I can handle almost any vehicle, as well as how to handle any kind of road or situation that comes up.

    I pack light. I don’t drink or do illegal drugs. I respect your privacy if you want to seal your vehicle or moving truck for privacy. I can pair you up with my Waze account so you can track me as I go. My rate is $12/hr while driving, or fueling, etc. I also charge $5/hr while engaged in traveling to and fro. For overnight accommodations, I don’t need a five-star but I also don’t like critters as roommates. Usually under $75. Also a flight home to L.A., coach is fine, and if it’s not too long a trip, I’ll ride Amtrak, my family road the rails a lot as kids, so I still have a romantic attraction to railway travel.

    I buy my own food and beverages. Again, I don’t drink, don’t do illegal drugs, and don’t smoke on or off duty. I don’t carry freight or packages for others, nor do I carry passengers, unless you need to ride along. There are other details, like roadside coverage and assistance that we can discuss when the time is right.

    What I’m about is helping other people out. You get what you need to be moved, moved by an experienced person at a heavily discounted price, and I get to keep busy, plus get the exercise my doctor demands of me, during my retirement while putting some scratch in my pocket.

    During the off-season, as a well-trusted community favorite, I play Santa Claus at One Colorado in Pasadena, CA, I’ve done that for ten years now! I’ve been married 43 years, have three grown children, and four grandchildren, but I do ride alone! I need space only for a medium suitcase, my backpack with my computer and phone chargers, etc., and a cooler bag for frozen bottles of water and my bags of lettuce and spinach that I snack on along the way.

    Contact me and we can meet, talk routes, schedules, etc.
    [email protected] Use “Driver needed” as your subject line.

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