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    Ron Boorman

    All of Italy is pretty crowded in summer. I would check TripAdvisor for reviews of the top beach clubs and then get in touch with them before you go. You might want to try one for one day with the kids. Also I read that Free Castelletto Beach is beautiful and it’s just east of town near San Donato. Looks very nice, gentle sand and pebble slope to the sea, and you can bring your own chairs and sun umbrellas there. Ciao.

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    Petra Chlebana

    Thank you for information. We will have own umbrella and sun shelter,but i understand you.
    Is there some beach club that you would reccomend us?
    And is it necessary to book in advance?

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    MFT Admin

    This is a very popular area for Italian families and the beaches like Vittoria and around Saracen Bay are very crowded in summer. Since FL has typical Med beaches with some sand but lots of pebble and rocks, and since your children are very young, we think you will want to at least rent beach chairs and umbrellas so you have shade from the sun.

    You may save money by arriving at one of the seaside restaurants early and taking a lunch table, so you can use that as a base for the beach. But of course you will have to spend money there to stay any length of time. Do check with the beach clubs, who have these facilities right on site, what their weekly rate is if you are planning to be at the beach each day of your vacation.

    There are also other things to see and do, like touring Finalborgo and the countryside. On the other side of Finalborgo, Finale Pea is a newer area with a historic church and also it own small beach. We hear there’s a quieter beach at Bagni Mariella (near very busy Varigotti), supposed to be less busy and very nice as well, so there may be options not too far from town.

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    Petra Chlebana

    Hi, we are coming in Finale Ligure on 26.7.2019 and we stay for here one week. We have two kids (2 and 4 years old) and we would like to ask you for a advice.

    Would you recommend us to pay some beach club or is it sufficient free beaches? We checked website of some beach club, but it seems to us a bit expansive.

    Is there some big difference between beach club and free beach in FL? I mean especially quality of sand, sea and acces to the water? I can imagine that on weekend are free beaches crowd but is it really so big deal?

    Or would you recommend us some other solution?

    We would really appreciate your help.

    Many thanks

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