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    We are two families with young children (ages 2-7) flying from Miami to BRAZIL in November for 2 weeks. Our priority goals are beach, waterfalls, and amazon/nature adventure activities. We definitely want to see Iquazu falls, check out the amazon, and spend a few days relaxing and snorkeling. Not crazy about cities. So, keep you posted with our experience soon.

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    Paulina, it was so interesting to read your post, thanks!!

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    I traveled once to Brazil but with my friends. I liked that trip and San Paolo, there are so many things to see and to do. I think that is good destination to visit with family also.

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    Paulina Martini

    Hello, my name is Paulina and I’m actually a 16-year-old living in Brazil with my family! Brazil is a spectacular place to visit, but given its reputation, I can see why someone would want to seek help! Getting to the point, there are some places I would 100% not recommend for family trips. Rio de Janeiro, for example, is at a pretty hectic point right now, and not even many Brazilians can be seen traveling there. I’m not going to lie or sugar-coat, the Rio area is very dangerous right now, and I would not recommend it to a Brazil “rookie”. Likewise, Guarujá is not the best place to visit in Brazil at the moment…
    However, there are some spectacular places to visit with family that I would 100% recommend! I will rank some below and my personal experiences with them:
    1. Fernando De Noronha (Island/Archipelago in Pernambuco, Brazil
    How do I begin to express my love for this place? Fernando De Noronha has probably been one of my favorite destinations so far! Fernando De Noronha is an island Archipelago in Pernambuco, Brazil with absolutely gorgeous beaches, fabulous resorts, hotels, and incredible food and drinks. The drinks there are amazing because Brazil has some great fruit, but the freshness of the natural fruit of the island provides all sorts of cuisine and smoothies with a spectacular fruity taste that simply refreshes with each mouthful. The island is a place of beauty and great activities and given its more touristic experience as a Brazilian location, it is a great starter for anyone wanting to explore the beauty of the country! Some of my favorite activities there were snorkeling, boat rides (we saw dolphins!) and simply enjoying time at the remarkable white-sand, crystal-blue beaches with my family. Fernando de Noronha is a very natural place and one of the most fantastic and family-friendly ways to explore it is through the Parque Nacional Marinho de Fernando de Noronha (Marine National Park of Fernando de Noronha). Natural pools, monkeys, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and 2 entire beaches at reach! This is the best way to interact with family on the island and makes for an unforgettable trip! I don’t have much time so I will go on to the next destination, however, this is and will remain my #1 top pick!

    2. Lençois, Maranheses
    I went to Lençois on a school trip in 2018, and it was the best trip I have ever taken period. No doubt, 100%, the best trip of my life. I put it second because I don’t have much “family” experience with this place, however, a school took us here. An American International school with the children of Google CEOs or Government Officials, so as for safety, it’s not too much of a concern. This place is absolutely GORGEOUS! White sand dunes, fresh foods, warm sun, warm waters, lagoons, adorable animals, fishing islands, rivers, and boat rides! Lençois has it all!! I mostly recommend the Lençois National Park were amazing white sand and crystal water dunes are ready to be explored. A relaxing jeep ride takes you to and from the dunes, and with some music and the right company, this makes for the most relaxing, beautiful trip of your life. My heart is honestly pounding simply by remembering these times and I am building up tears in my eyes by remembering these old times with my best friends, and the new friendships that I made during my time there. The love for this beautiful place and beautiful people is something that will reside within you forever.

    3. Ubatuba, São Paulo
    I’ll be honest, I wish I had enjoyed this place more. I was having a 13-year-old “angry teenager” phase and looking back, I want to slap myself to the reality of where I was. Dang it ungrateful teenage me! Anyways… Ubatuba, SUPER FAMILY FRIENDLY!! I do though suuuuper recommend renting a house! There are so many houses to be rented and (drumroll) they come with help! Yep, not making beds or cooking or cleaning during this vacation! The houses usually come with beautiful backyards, hammocks, pools, and all the facilities needed in a house. Of course, don’t expect a super-gym and movie theater and a minibar in every room, but then again… family vacation guys, the point is not the material but the memories that you make with the beauty of what you can get! Some of the houses even come with dogs! Don’t worry, not big scary mean dogs, in fact, my favorite part of the trip was our house dog, Stella. She was so much fun! She was kind of like a golden retriever/small dog mix. She was a literal small golden, she played with my baby cousin Nico and us older kids just as we were! She would play gently and cuddle with the little kids, and play tag and fetch with us older kids as if she knew who was of what age! When vacation happiness and memories can be made at a house, this doesn’t only take care of safety concerns, but it also allows parents with a place of pure rest with the knowledge that the children are indeed being taken care of, and are happy with one another! Exploring the property is also a great children-friendly activity that they can take care of themselves in, be tech-free, enjoy together, and a simple walk to the property waterfalls or “forests” can become a “wrestle with alligators” or “pirate off-board trip” or a “dinosaur discovery” with the limitless child imagination! Being free of technology nowadays is hard, but you would be surprised at the wonders it does for children socialization, creativity, and activity! The Ubatuba beaches are spectacular sandy beaches with rocks to climb on to and take pictures on. These beaches are not only relaxation destination, but also picture paradises! The photogenic location makes a great picture album to set on the living room coffee table once back home! This is definitely one of the more tranquil and “homey” trips, but I cannot stress this enough, beware of mosquitoes!!! Not because of diseases or anything, that’s just a Brazil stereotype, but because humidity + people = very VERY itchy mosquito bites (and MANY of them)!! Wile you sit and read a book or play on your iPad on that hammock on the rental house backyard, PUT BUG SPRAY ON! Mosquitoes will eat you at your most vulnerable time…
    Living in a Brazilian house for a while is also very rewarding culturally. While having Brazilian maids taking care of your needs, they will too prepare Brazilian dishes for your meals, and (again, my favorites) fruity smoothies and juices which you will learn to eat outside at the beautiful outdoor dining table. Brazilians LOVE eating outside, and honestly, it’s really great to watch the sun rise and set each morning and night while enjoying some dinner feijõada, lunch chicken, freshly made juice, or breakfast omelet.

    Anyways these are my top picks for Brazilian destinations that I have enjoyed, hope you and your family do too!

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    Has anyone traveled as a family to Brazil?

    I would love to get to know the beautiful beaches of São Paulo, I was delighted with the beaches of Guarujá and the beaches of Ubatuba.

    Has anyone ever had this experience of traveling with family ???

    Me, wife plus 2 kids …

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