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    Myself and my two boys experienced trauma and my son’s are suffering staying in our current state.

    We had past DV issues with their father and I now have been a single mom for 3 years. PTSD and retaliation from the offenders family has made it paramount that we move and start over and away from where this all took place.

    We have a dog and cat which we plan to fly to our new place to settle with us.
    We also have a tiny parrotlet and parrot that could also potentially fly. However we also have leopard geckos, a turtle and fish, that we also would like to move as well.

    We have very few belongings that also need to be moved and no furniture outside of some boxes TVs and a bike for Christmas. Outside of this, is just clothes.

    I realize moving to Las Vegas is highly unlikely without help to get the small animals there separately and our belongings. Moving companies won’t take the pets and vice versa. We also are considering Florida near West Palm Beach, which though much closer, still requires the separate transport for the reptiles and belongings.

    We want to move right before Feb 1st but are a bit open on that.
    I have gotten permission from the landlord and a bit torn on where to focus on, without the needed help.

    My idea is open to either paying to rent a vehicle to drive with all the belongings and small pets, but also open to someone using their own truck/van.
    After we get these items to our destination, I would also be fine with paying for the helper to fly back, if not using own vehicle.
    I then would fly with my children and the car and dog to our new place.

    I would cover gas, tolls, and something for the help, as well as the flight back if not needing to drive roundtrip depending.

    Any input is appreciated and can be email at [email protected]

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