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    Hi Hope,

    Happy to discuss this drive. Please email me at my email address below.


    [email protected]

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    Mark Dougherty

    Hello Hope. My name is Mark Dougherty and I am a driver for hire. I use Google maps to determine my driving cost. I charge $10 an hour driving time plus expenses. According to Google maps it’s 28 hours from Denver, CO to NYC.
    Driving: $280.00
    Meals: $40.00 per day x 4=$160.00+/-
    Motels: $100.00 per night x 3=$300.00+/-
    Fuel: Approximately $240.00
    Plane ticket San Diego to Denver, CO Southwest Flight#2380 Aug 30th $79
    Return ticket NYC to San Diego approximately $118 on flying out of LaGuardia plus one checked bag $30.
    $60.00 for my wife to take me to and pick me up at airport
    Total approximate cost: $1,267.00
    I put all expenses on my credit card with the exception of plane tickets. I ask that you put them on your credit card. You pay only what are on the receipts.
    I have references.
    My cell 619-993-6577
    My email [email protected]
    Mark Dougherty

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    Hello, I’m Cal, and I may be able to combine this, if you’re okay with the vehicle being driven, with another drive and save you some cash.

    I’m retired and have been a long-haul trucker. That means I spent weeks or months at a time on the road. I can handle almost any vehicle, as well as how to handle any kind of road or situation that comes up.

    I buy my own food and beverages, pack light, and I don’t drink or do illegal drugs. I respect your privacy if you want to seal your vehicle for privacy. I can pair you up to my Waze account so you can track me as I go. I do not take riders or goods for anyone other than my client. There are details to discuss, like costs, expectations, roadside assistance coverage, etc, that we can discuss when the time is right.

    I’m about helping others out. You get what you need to be moved taken care of by an experienced person at a heavily discounted price, and I get to keep busy during my retirement while putting some scratch in my pocket and getting away from the balls and chains of life. Oh, during late autumn, as a trusted community member, I play Santa!

    Let’s talk about YOUR needs!

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    Have a 2006 Honda Accord that needs to get from Wyoming Sheridan Wyoming, or Denver Colorado to NYC area, at earliest August 21st to arrive by 1st or 2nd of September. Prefer that this car be trailered to relieve it of wear from the trip, but either will do. There will be luggage in the trunk and maybe half the back seat (though we may try to fly that gear home.) Still a few things up in the air about this trip.

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