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    Where you book your flight is the number one key to finding great deals on airfare. Place like Google Flights and Bing Travel are great tools to scan the thousands of available flights, to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

    You can pick out the best Delta fare available, and then you’ll be redirected through the airline’s website to complete your purchase.

    Finding cheap fares is all about being available for the cheapest flights. If you’re dead set on flying out on Friday, you’re already screwed. Good luck finding cheap flights on one of the most popular travel days of the week.

    Instead, look for flights on:
    – Tuesday
    – Wednesday
    – Thursday

    These are the cheapest days to fly. Also be willing to fly super early in the morning or ridiculously late at night, when flights tend to be a lot cheaper.

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    You can do the booking of Cheap Delta Flights Online at the Delta Airlines Website as well.

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