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    Sharon Pinder

    I need someone to drive my Toyota 4Runner from Seattle to Orlando, sometime in July, dates flexible. Please give me an estimate of your fees. Thank you

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    Tim Bascombe

    Driver for hire to drive your vehicle from Point A to Point B (West coast to East coast or East to West coast
    I am a driver for hire. I can drive any vehicle that does not require license other than Class C.
    I charge $10 an hour driving time based on Google maps from Point A to Point B. An example for driving time from San Diego to New York, New York is 43 hours. The driving cost is $430 flat plus expenses.
    The expenses are meals, motels, fuel, plane/bus tickets.
    I put meals at $40 per day but you only pay what is on the receipts.
    Motels average $70 per night.
    I put all expenses on my credit card.
    I ask for two receipts related to the trip, one for my records and one for yours.
    I can supply with references, proof of insurance, copy of my driving record and drivers license.

    My cell is 954-401-8211
    email [email protected]
    Tim Bascombe

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