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    I don’t know much about the connection between those movies, but it does sound interesting. As for finding copies, have you tried checking your local library? Ours has a surprisingly large DVD collection. You could also search sites like Amazon Prime or Google Play rental/purchase options. Worse case, check if they’re available to rent or buy on disc at used book/movie stores.

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    Hello!! My girlfriend & I only recently watched this movie named Grumpier Old Men and we all enjoyed it. We are curious to know if anyone is aware of where we can get the movie Carrington as we were told that there is a sort of connection between the 2 movies. As of this moment I’m using MovieDownloader but it doesn’t contain all movie titles. If I could only happen upon the film Angela , that will be amazing as well. Any assistance is gratefully welcomed. myfamilytravels.com seems to be the best place to get this kind of information.

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