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    Plse see our website Youflywedrive.net.Could help with this.Tks Luke.

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    Hi. I am Ricky. I can do the diving for les than $ 875. You can send a text to : 717-392-7272 if interested in knowing more details. Thanks.

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    Hi . I can do it for less than $ 875 . Send me a text to : 717-392-7272, so we interchange information. Later on I will provide you my email. Thi is Ricky

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    Cost to do this would be $875.00 plus gas and tolls incurred on trip and shuttle fees from and to the airports if you can not pick us up/take us at arrival/departure..

    reply to; [email protected]

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    Hi there!

    I have just accepted a position in Oxford, MS and I need someone to drive my car from Mill Valley, CA to Oxford, ms! My start date is July 8th but I was hoping to have the car in Oxford by June 23 or 24. Any takers????? It’s gorgeous drive, but I have to fly with my cat and it’s a bunch of back and forth for me!

    Looking forward to your response!!

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