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    I totally get where you’re coming from, I moved from a small town to the city a few years ago, and it was a big change for me too. But, let me tell you, Edmonton is an awesome city with so much to offer. As for advice on moving, I suggest looking for a place to live that is in a quieter neighbourhood if you’re used to living in a small village. That way, you can still enjoy some peace and quiet. And if you’re worried about the moving process, there are movers by the hour that can help with packing and transporting your items. I found them online and it made my move a lot easier.

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    Hello! I am thinking about moving to Edmonton, and I am concerned about the transition. I live in the small village of Canwood, where I am used to nature, and Edmonton is a big city. I’m looking for a job, and there are opportunities there, but I need some advice about moving.

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