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    Hi, my husband and I are in CA and would would like to drive back east— Rhode Island destination is fine. We aren’t looking for payment or compensation of any kind, just want a one way trip so we can safely visit our parents. When do you need your car by?

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    My husband and I are interested. We live in northern ca and would like to visit our parents in Boston. Would end of august work? How full is your car?

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    Renee R

    Hello, I’m moving from the Bay Area to the East Coast and looking for someone to drive my car (filled with my belongings) over there. Ideally, interested in someone needing a car to get to the East Coast already, so that I’m not paying for the service or plane ticket back, rather we would be helping each other out (I supply the car, you supply yourself to drive).

    I own a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta, like new condition, about 40k miles on it. Have had no issues with the vehicle thus far.

    My destination is Rhode Island, but depending on your destination we can discuss meet-up options and locations around the East Coast.

    Driving dates are flexible – ideally sometime around the end of July, but weeks before and after are doable.

    Thank you!

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