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    Hi, We are traveling to visit my son in Washington in March.
    He is stationed at Ft Lewis and moved there last month.
    We have to drive to transport some of his personal belongings that cannot be shipped.
    We are just outside of Chicago and have been considering renting a vehicle and flying back.
    We are open to driving. My husband and I have extensive driving experience and he has been a professional Tractor trailer driver for most of his life. If you are still looking for someone to drive your car, please send me a message and lets see if we can work out the details.

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    Eliza Schiff

    Hi! I am driving across country this summer and we are looking for a car. We are all very seasoned drivers and have dreamy hopes about this trip, but obviously we need a car to do so. If you were willing to wait until May, we would be absolutely so thrilled to take your vehicle to DCV.

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    Still available?

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    Philip Shive

    Hi – please drop me an email
    [email protected]

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    Brad Ack

    Hi, I need someone to drive my 2011 Subaru Forester from Olympia, WA to the Washington DC area (Arlington). Flexible on schedule over the next 60 days. Any interested takers please contact me.

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