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    Hello, April!

    I would love to speak with you about this opportunity and give you an estimate, if you’d like! My email is [email protected].


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    Hi April,

    Happy to discuss this drive. Please email me at the email address below.

    Thank you,


    [email protected]

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    Mark Dougherty

    Hi April.
    My name is Mark Dougherty, I am a driver for hire. I charge $10 an hour driving time based on Google maps. As you said it is a 26 hour drive from Bruno to Austin. My driving cost is $260 plus expenses.
    Expenses are:
    Driving $260
    Meals $40=/- per day x4 days=$160+/-
    Motels $100+/- per night x 3=$300+/-
    Fuel unknown cost
    Plane ticket from San Diego to San Francisco based on today’s cost on Southwest for 5/31/2022 $119 flight #2611 departs 8:05 am arrives 9:35 am. This just an example.
    Return plane ticket from Austin to San Diego Southwest flight# 463 $314 departs Austin 5:25 am arriving 7:55 am. Again just an example based on todays purchase.

    $60 for my wife to take me to the airport and pick me up on my return.

    You pay only what is on the receipts.
    I put all expenses on my credit card with exception of plane tickets, I ask that you put them on your credit card.
    I have references.
    Currently I am booked from June 12th thru June 17th.
    My email [email protected], my cell is 619-993-6577
    This link will take you to a story written about me and other drivers like myself:

    Mark Dougherty

    Total estimated cost minus fuel: $1,213

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    Need driver for 26 hour drive from San Bruno, CA to Austin,TX.

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