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    Dennis Bell

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    It’s great to hear tourism numbers are steadily increasing in Mexico after the challenges of the pandemic.

    Proof of vaccination/testing is no longer required for entry. Exploring Mexico’s rich culture and landscapes could make for a memorable trip. Be sure to book accommodations with cancellation policies in case situations change. Planning early might allow for flexibility. Overall, Mexico seems to be welcoming more tourists back safely as the industry continues its recovery.

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      Hey George,

      You make a good point about flexibility being important when planning travel these days. Booking accommodations with cancellation options is definitely a wise choice given everything is still recovering from the pandemic. I think your other suggestion to plan early is also a good idea. That extra time can allow people to keep an eye on requirements and adjust plans if needed. But it is reassuring to hear tourism numbers growing steadily in Mexico. With the right precautions and flexible booking policies, it seems exploring the culture there could make for an enjoyable vacation. Fingers crossed the recovery continues smoothly.

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    Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the travel and tourism industry has recently been under a lot of stress. Lockdowns, limitations, and health hazards made travel to other nations impossible for people all across the world. Things started to change from 2020 on a lower scale. There has a steady growth in visitors number in Mexico over the past few years, with a huge 38.3 millions tourist came to Mexico in 2022. The number is continuously growing.

    Highest No of tourist are from the United States of America, and Canada on the second place in the list.
    Having all the information at your fingertips can help you organise the ideal trip, whether you’re considering travelling to Mexico to experience the local culture first hand.


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