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    Trevor holtz

    Hey Colin!

    I’m really interested and excited about this project. I have done many cross country road trips and have a perfect driving record. Contact me at +17154963046

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    Howard “Dan” Altman

    Colin, i have already worked up an estimate for you on this trip. Contact me via email or text. Thank you.
    [email protected]

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    Mark Dougherty

    I figured it’s a 64 hour trip, 4,176 miles. I would have to do 65.25 miles an hour according to Google Maps. According to your map I would start and end Kansas City, KS.
    Fuel based on 25 mpg @ $4.00 per gal and needing 167.04 gallons=$668.16
    Motels $100.00+/- per night x 8 nights $800.00+/-
    Meals $50.00 per day x 9 days=$450.00
    Driving cost $15.00 per hour x 64 hours=$960.00
    Round trip plane ticket to Kansas City, MO from San Diego, CA $492.95 on Southwest
    $60.00 for my wife to drive me to and back home from airport.
    Total estimate cost: $3,431.11
    I put all expenses on my credit card with the exception of the plane ticket. I ask that you put them on your credit card. I get two receipts, one for your records and one for mine. You pay only what is on the receipts.
    The trip is open to either less or more hours as your post did not say if I will be getting off of freeways which can add more or less driving time. Expenses can go up or down depending on the actual driving route.
    I am very open to discuss actual driving time cost.
    Mark Dougherty
    [email protected]

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    Luis Castillo

    Hi. I’m interested in this job opportunity. I recently came back from a road trip across the country where I drove over 12k miles without any accidents or issues.
    My email is [email protected]. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Zach Green

    Hey, Colin!

    This job looks great. I am a full-time teacher that does auto driveaway on the side. I live along the route in Virginia and will be finishing my teaching job for the year at the end of May in time to do this.

    I would love to discuss this with you further and would be happy to give you an estimate if you will email me at [email protected]. I have experience and references that can vouch for my trustworthiness on the road!


    Zach Green
    [email protected]

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    Howard “Dan” Altman

    Collin, I am very intersted. Please contact me via text or email.
    text: 770-317-4550
    email. [email protected]

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    Colin Heath

    I represent a company that is looking for a driver to drive the below route. It’s a circular drive, so you can start the drive at the most convenient point for you. The purpose of the drive is to monitor wireless frequencies. Basically, we would rent a car and equip with a monitoring device that does all the work. You just need to drive and ideally during the daytime.

    Would this be something that you could help with and if so, what would you estimate your costs to be?
    PLANNED ROUTE: (Cut and paste to view)

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