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      Jeffrey Fitzpatrick

      Looking to have my mini van moved from Reno to the Philly area in NJ.

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      John Day

      Hi Jeffrey,

      If you email me at my email address below with the dates you need it by I would be happy to give you a quote.


      [email protected]

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        Hi Jeff,

        If you email me direct with the dates you need it done by I would be happy to give you a confidential quote.

        [email protected]

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      Terry Holt

      Hi Jeff,

      Please contact with all the info and I can give you a quote. [email protected]

      Thank You


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      Mark Dougherty

      It’s a 40 drive from Reno to Philly. I charge $10 an hour driving time between Reno and Philly. The my driving cost is $400 plus expenses. Expenses are:
      Meals $40 per day x 5 days=$200
      Motels $80 x 5 nights=$400+/-
      Gas I am guess gas mileage 15mpg 2700 miles 180 gallons x $3.50 per gal+/-$630+/-
      Plane tickets San Diego to Reno $173 on Southwest Flight 4029 based on today’s prices for a flight on June 16th
      Ticket from Philly to San Diego American Airlines Flight time 12:48pm $242 plus $30 for checked bag.
      $60 for my wife to take me to the airport and pick me up on my return.
      Total approximate cost: $2,135
      Again all these are approximate. I am guess gas will be a lot cheaper if your mini van gets more than 15mpg and gas prices are less than $350 per gallon.
      I put all expenses on my credit card minus the plane tickets. I ask that you put them on your credit card.
      Mark Dougherty
      [email protected]

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      hi! I would be happy to drive your car from Reno-Jersey for just reimbursement for gas & no additional charges. I will be in San Francisco from June 25-28 and could come to Reno to pick it up, and then drive it back to Jersey (I am from philly so I have to get back anyways!) I am 24, a very responsible driver, and have been driving since age 16 with no history of accidents. Let me know what you think!
      Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested! 🙂

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      We live in Berkeley and are looking for a vehicle to drive to Philly in September! No charge. Mature responsible couple, perfect driving record.
      [email protected]

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