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    John H McKinney

    Hi Linda, I am interested. I am retired and have never had an accident, and have not had a speeding ticket in 10 plus years! Obviously, the last one reformed me, ha!. I currently live in the Portland Oregon area and have a great deal of travel experience. I know Sandy Springs, GA well, as my wife and I were considering relocating there. I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, so I know the south well. I am a retired hospital chaplain and that should say a great deal about my character. However, I realize we live in a crazy world, so I am willing to communicate via email, phone call, text by cell phone, etc. My son is in the Navy and I have spent $170,000 from my IRA to help him with court costs for child custody, and it is not over yet! I do not wish to see him lose this custody battle, because it would mean his children have no biological father or paternal grandparents involved in their lives; and that would kill my wife. So, I am looking to make some cash to help my son. if you wish to email me, I’d be glad to provide my phone, and you may either call or text. Incidentally, I am fine with pets. No interest in discussing anything except what others wish to discuss, as I learned as a chaplain to be open, neutral, and curious–that way, I converse with others about what interests them and not about any personal agenda of my own. I will figure how to get to LA, as I have family there. We can discuss the details at your convenience. Feel free to email me or call. John (cell phone: 503-784-5050)

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    I would like to find someone who would drive my car, me and my small dog with a small u-haul attached to Sandy Springs in Georgia. Timing is likely early April. Will pay for all expenses along the way and plane ticket back.

    Any takers 🙂


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