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    John Gentry

    I have visited Cancun it was a great experience. You must also Philippines you will definitely like their traditional culture of living in Bahay Kubo

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    Francis Smalling

    I travel to Cancun my last vacations, it really was a nice chance because I never visited Mexico before, one of my biggest worries was the transportation service, my brother visited Cancun last year and he booked one service with one company, he said that the service was cool, so… we choose that company, at a very easy way we book a Cancun Airport Transportation service. I’ll put their website below if you want to give it a look.

    Any way, we spend an amazing vacation time in Cancun it really was a unique experience visiting different malls and beaches, I even visit the Cancun Mayan Museum, if you have the chance to visit Mexico, Cancun is always a wonderful option. The Dolphins beach is amazing. I want to visit Cancnu again, but if you have some recommendations it would be nice.

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