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    Terry Holt

    Don, Did you still need a quote for your daughter’s auto Transport? I had a business for 4 years Driving vehicles long distance. I’m very experienced and have references.

    Thank You,

    Terry Holt

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    Kevin Dickinson

    Hello Everyone,

    Anyone having trouble regarding their car pumpers or any dent in their car they can contact easily at Keywest Dent Repair. The best PDR solutions for every kind of car having dent problem can easily contact for best guides and help.

    Thank you.

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    Thomas Agramonte

    Hi Tom here from Enfield CT.I am a retired tractor trailer driver with 42 accident free years.Can drive any car.motorcycle.truck.boat.I would be happy to drive to Colorado .I am married with a 16 yr old son.Live on social security could use the work.Please email me if interested.Thank you.

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    Daniel Jenks

    Hey Donald,

    I’ll have that week free and would be able to do it within a week. Where in Jersey to where in CO, and what would the funding look like?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Angel Baez Alamo

    Hello are you still interested in getting car transferred to Colorado ?

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    I need to have my daughter’s car driven from NJ to Leaving around Aug 16 and having car arrive in Colorado within 1 week would be ideal.

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