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    Mike T

    56 year old male. I would be willing to drive your RV back east if my final stop would be Atlanta or Asheville. I actually live in SC, but I could probably have someone come pick me up. I would like to depart Vegas on May 20th. Clean record. Professional salesman. I hope to hear from you.

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    You can email me at [email protected]. Not sure if you are looking for a for-hire driver or someone going that way, maybe we can work something out.


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    Monique De Vito

    Hi there!
    Please see our website to learn a little more about us.
    We are currently in Baldwin Park, CA and I finish my nursing contract on 6/11. Which lines up with your time frame.
    We will be heading to the east coast at that time and found your listing as a great opportunity to help someone and have an adventure!
    We do have a extremely well behaved and trained almost 9 yo dog.
    Would you be OK with him being in your camper?
    Look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience!
    Be well,
    Monique 786-371-5552

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    I tried posting here before but don’t see my post listed so trying again. We would like someone to drive this motorhome from near Las Vegas to the East Coast. Camper has 40k miles and runs well. Possible locations: Chattanooga, RI, or Maine. We are in Chattanooga TN, we will be driving to Maine through RI and would like to have the camper eventually in Steuben Maine. We can drive part way just not all the way from Nevada. We would pay for all gas plus campsites. It’s approximately 44 hours drive las Vegas to Chattanooga, so campsites for at least 6 days. Flexible on time, any time between mow and July 1. OK with folks sightseeing etc. as long as you cover the additional gas/campsite days.

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