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    Pamela Frothingham

    Hi Pamela..still looking? Normally I am a driver for hirer..but we can figure something out if still in need. Thanks.
    [email protected]

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    thom philips

    Not interested in “cost share” but would be willing to drive rv and yourself to the west coast. I have a current CDL with several endorsements. I would need a flight from DIA to your location and a return flight to DIA. I am a retired rancher who has supplemented our income by driving semi’s across the USA. The only dates I am not available are oct.10 and the 24th. you can call if you like 308-763-1444

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    Mark Dougherty

    I am a driver for hire. I use Google Maps to determine the cost of my driving time. I charge $10.00 an hour driving time. According to Google maps its a 44 hour trip so my driving cost is $440.00 plus expenses. Expenses are:Meals, fuel, motels plane ticket with one checked bag. $60.00 for my wife to take me to the airport and pickup when I get home.
    I need a plane ticket from San Diego to Logan Airport and transportation to Westport.
    I live in Lakeside, CA which is in the east county of San Diego
    To keep expenses down avoid at restaurants, make sandwhichs, microwave meals.
    I would do all the driving and you just enjoy the views out of the windows.
    Won’t need motels due to having RV sleeping space.
    I have references.
    About me:
    76, married since Nov 1976, non-smoker
    My cell is 619-993-6577 email [email protected]
    I have driven from Boston area to San Diego.
    If you want to go off route and the trip is longer in hours, my driving is a flat rate $440.00.
    This link will take you to a story that was written about me and other drivers like myself:

    Mark Dougherty

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    Pamela Frothingham

    Need one or two people to get my cat and I to San Diego in an RV. Share expenses, but I can pay higher amount. Would like to leave at the start of October.

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