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    Ratna Singh


    There is so much to see and do in New York – the largest and most populous city, lying on the east coast of North America. Words may not be sufficient to describe the place, you have to experience yourself to know what it means to be there. In this article I have enlisted top and highly recommended tourist sites of the Big Apple’ as it is nicknamed. Let’s begin with its history, New York was originally found by the Dutch who named itNew Amsterdam’. It’s strategic location on the shores of the Atlantic ocean made it the primary seat of activities and soon became an important port. In its contemporary form, New York can be defined as a complete city always on the move, seeped in creativity and abundant imagination – fathomed by one of a kind structures and colorful murals.

    NYC Skyline
    You know you are in New York when you find tall skyscrapers extending endlessly to as far as you can see, an inter-mingling of people from diverse ethnicity, a vivacious energy rarely found anywhere else and of course the familiar yellow taxis on the wide streets. A convenient mode of travel, more so for new comers, these cabs are comfortable and easily available. Though at times the garrulous cabbie may persist on you giving a tip, so just be aware.

    The vast megalopolis is divided into five main boroughs of which Manhattan is the primary one. As you traverse the miles from the airport towards Manhattan, the cluster of high rise buildings against the background of blue skies and sunlight reflecting on the glass panes has been seen, countless times in movies, in reality too the view is beautiful !! It’s ideal and worthwhile for tourists to stay in this area and make it their base due to its central location .

    New York city
    In this blog – `New York city itinerary 7 days’ , I have written about some of the best tourist sites in New York that are absolutely necessary for first timers.
    New York is very much defined by its immigrant population as well. An amalgamation of diverse nationalities, culture, cuisine and experiences is the essence of New York. Statistics reveal that 36% of population living in New York were born outside the US, and as many as 34 different regions are represented in the population. As such, NYC is a one stop destination for every type of traveler – be it family, friends, adventure seekers, foodies. A city that walks fast, talks fast, and is full of a maddening energy of creative souls on the streets.

    What better way to experience the spirit of New York, than to get an opportunity to watch the vibrant Columbus Day Parade on the streets of the megalopolis, on our very first day of arriving here !! The colorful parade full of pomp and splendor, music and dance brings to the fore the multi-cultural vibe of New York.

    The Big Apple’s glamorous, explosive hub is Fifth Avenue, includes key tourists spots. Some of which are listed below :
    Empire State Building – New York boasts of having one of the world’s first skyscrapers – the Empire State building. Completed in 1931, The Empire State Building is just as majestic as its name. Enter the marble art deco lobby, from where you’re directed to the high-speed elevator to the 86th floor viewing deck for unhindered 360 degree views. On a clear day the visibility is as much as 130 kilometers . The towering skyscraper has been the film shooting location for numerous movies – remember Independence Day, King Kong.

    Rockefeller Centre – second after Empire state, the Rockefeller center has the world’s biggest business and entertainment complexes. You can choose from a gamut of activities here. The `Top of the Rock’ observatory has the most dramatic views, with the skyscrapers being almost in your face close. There are three levels of open air and enclosed viewing terraces.
    Statue of Liberty – the most potent symbol of America, this was a gift from France as a token of unity, freedom and the beginning of a new era post revolution. The best way to reach the incredible Statue of Liberty is to take a ferry from Battery Park. The sole advise from me would be to carry light, as there is a strict security check and heavy bags are not allowed.

    Central Park – this beautiful park is the green stretch of New York and is a soothing break from the endless concrete space. Lot of interesting activities are organized here throughout. During summers a range of performances, musical shows, neighborhood events, concerts keep people enthralled. And with the advent of winters, when the lushness disappears, the park transforms into a naturally made ice-skating rink, full of joyous skaters.
    Central Park
    The best way to enjoy Central park is unquestionably to stroll around on foot, halting at key spots, like the Bethesda fountain to admire the `Angel of the Waters’ statue. This is a great photography point. Another option is to hire a horse drawn carriage ride that takes tourists around the massive precincts. You can sit cozily on these cute carriages that you would have seen in fairy tales. With the furry, soft blanket provided, wrapped around you, absorb the freshness and incredible views. An additional advantage is that you’ll get to know famous, interesting landmarks in the vicinity, as pointed out by the coachman.

    Central park is ideal for a day picnic with your family. You’ll get ample open space, away from the urban cacophony, to find peace and revel in nature. Other activities would be to ride a bike in the huge park, row a boat in the lake or do a rendezvous of the neighboring zoo..

    American Museum of Natural History – there are innumerable things to see. Visit for its collection of life size dinosaur skeletons and a futuristic planetarium.

    Times Square NYC
    Times Square – is the pulsating, neon-lit heart of New York. It is the most exciting place to be, nights are specially very lively. The kaleidoscope of bright lights and fluorescent billboards of Times Square are absolutely captivating. There are a host of entertaining activities happening always – live performances, accompanied with music, rock shows and plenty more. Plus there are numerous shops and eateries for a complete experience. Spend hours here, people watching or gazing around. The well-known Broadway theatre is here too, so if you’re interested and have the time, watch a play or musical !
    Wall Street – Being the financial and business capital of the US, New York has the world famous Wall Street, that has witnessed a wide spectrum of events – from creating millionaires to the worse stock market crash of 1929. Here you’ll come across the impressive facade of the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, the visitors gallery is no longer open for spectators to observe the speculators.
    Wall Street
    And you just can’t come to the financial district without seeing the most recognized icon here – the Bronze Charging Bull. This statue is a symbol of prosperity, and is supposed to be the harbinger of good luck. So don’t miss visiting and click pictures. Though there’s no charge for that, but do expect a queue.

    I have attempted to include in this write-up `New York city itinerary 7 days’ some of the best tourist sites in NY, that are my all time favorites too.

    If you wish to undertake a trip to the breathtaking Niagara falls from New York, please read my blog on that

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