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    Sarah V

    Hello, I am currently in Reno, Nevada & need to get to Citronelle, Alabama ASAP or need about and am flexible of where the vehicle may need to go in that vicinity. Im flexible with dates, as I just learned I have to be out ASAP, I’m needing hopefully just under a week to ge t y affairs in order here to leave. I am in a toxic relationship and have severely limited funds left to my name from this/had my credit cards all maxed on me & am trying to see if I could drive someone’s large van/SUV/moving truck/even a large flatbed tow truck or work out something that we could split some cost, I pay gas and can bring some of my things with me. I’m so negotiable to make this happen. I need help. It’s so hard to ask for help. I’m keeping hope & faith it’ll work out. I’m in a bind as I have 2 cats to transport with me as well. I am looking for any & all possibilities that can be presented. I need to get away ASAP as winter is here and snow is starting. I have experience with many vehicle types. Cars, 20’+ moving trucks & was previously a tow truck driver w/a 27’ flat bed. The only people in my life are in AL. No family or friends apart from them. Life’s been rough. I’m a survivor & make it & am asking if anyone knows anything that could help. I’m open to so many possibilities. I need a clean break from here to not come back to have to get my stuff or store it, but will do what I have to. Open for dates/times/lengths/meet up in diff state than AL. Please contact me with any suggestions or help. Thank you so much ahead of time. I’m not looking for a handout or a free ride. I pay may way & put in all my effort, always. I’ve been placed on this hard position due to this toxic, controlling relationship. Thank you for any & all input ahead of time. I hope everyone’s life is going good!

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