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    I have a car in Ashland, OR that needs to be driven to Cleve OH suburb; OH to FL plane trip is about 2.5 hours fyi

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    Christine Ritter

    Hello we have a car in Ashland, OR that needs driven to our home in Amherst, OH. A florida flight from Cleveland is about two hours.

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    Leisl Larson

    I live in southern Oregon and need to go to Florida to take care of my elderly mom. She needs me there as soon as possible, so most likely I’ll just be flying but am open to driving. When I stumbled across this website I realized that a cross country road trip could be fun. I’ll be traveling with my adult daughter and her younger sister as well. If anyone has an RV or car they need driven for them it’s something I would be interested in doing. I have a clean driving record and have driven tour buses for Princess Cruises in Alaska so am comfortable with larger RVs. Obviously this is something that most people plan out farther in advance so I’m not expecting to find anything in such a short time frame, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to put it out to the universe. I need to be in Pensacola by the beginning of April so time is definitely a factor. I’ll keep my eyes on this post just in case, but will need to buy plane tickets within in the next few days if no response.

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