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    It sounds like you had a positive experience with Hassan as your guide, but felt rushed during the tour. When booking private tours, it’s important to communicate your expectations upfront, such as how long you want to spend at each stop, what activities you’re interested in, and whether you want to spend more time at certain areas.

    While your guide undoubtedly did their best to accommodate your initial requests, more proactively addressing tempo or suggesting tweaks early on may have enhanced enjoyment. Going forward, thorough pre-trip dialogues can help custom tours feel optimized for relaxation versus rushing between places.

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    – Hassan helped us book this tour and tailor it to our specific requests less than 48 hours before our tour departure. The customer service was incredible and his email responses instant.

    – Our tour guide was a lovely person, excellent driver and we felt very safe in his hands and comfortable in his car.

    – Being on a private tour was 1000% better than being on a tour bus. We could stop and eat when and where we wanted and sometimes even choose our accommodation.

    Here are some questions I wish I had asked before I booked.

    Keep in mind we booked at very short notice and perhaps all the below would have been different had we booked earlier. That said, I suggest you ask the below to make sure your happy with the plan.

    1. How much driving will there be each day? We spent a 7 to 9 hours in the car each day for 3 days the only 1.5 hours on the last day. Obviously it was required to fit in all the locations I requested within my budget and timeframe, but had I known how rushed we’d be I likely would have have changed my preferences.

    2. How much time will I get at each point of interest? We got out at each location, took a photo and got back in the car. We arrived at each accommodation at sunset and left shortly after sunrise. We didn’t feel we got to experience the locations. It felt more of a tick box so now we can say we’ve been there, which isn’t how we like to travel. We don’t normally do tours so maybe this is normal?

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