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    Nice to hear that you are traveling with children. Will go great!

    My biggest concern is actually the long stops on every place. Will it not be to long in a specific place?
    Of course you can go experience in the nearby, but still.

    Will totally recommend to spend a little more time in Slovenia if you have the opportunity.
    Especially around the Triglavski National Park.

    When traveling north to Verona, don’t miss out the Garda Lake. Take the coastline along the right side of the lake upwards to Innsbruck. Our favorite town is Torri Del Benaco.

    Best regards

    Karl Oskar, Sweden, who spent 4weeks roadtripin to Greece and back with two small children last year in May. 🙂

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    Dear Travellers,
    we are currently planning a trip to start mid August this year from Cologne for a bit less than 4 weeks. It would be our first bigger roadtrip with our our 6-month old baby. We enjoy the mix of cities with some culture exploration and of good food together with more remote places in the nature. See below our itinerary for the trip that already tries to combine that with the needs of our little one (e.g., not too long distances per stop, at least 3 nights given packaging, etc.)

    How can you help us: General perspective on the trip (e.g., you’d recommend to cut a stop, etc.)
    Specific recommendations for the stops (e.g., kids friendly activities, nice places to stop on the way, exact locations/ small towns to stay in the rural areas)
    Thanks a lot in advance – Looking forward to hearing from your experiences. 

    Best regards,

    Monday Cologne
    Tuesday Nuremberg
    Wednesday Chiemsee
    Thursday Chiemsee
    Friday Chiemsee
    Saturday Ljubljana
    Sunday Ljubljana
    Monday Ljubljana
    Tuesday Rovinji
    Wednesday Rovinji
    Thursday Rovinji
    Friday Rovinji
    Saturday Rovinji
    Sunday Rovinji
    Monday Verona
    Tuesday Verona
    Wednesday Verona
    Thursday Verona
    Friday Verona
    Saturday Innsbruck
    Sunday Innsbruck
    Monday Innsbruck
    Tuesday Allgäu
    Wednesday Allgäu
    Thursday Allgäu
    Friday TĂĽbingen
    Saturday Cologne

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