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    what would you like to visit?

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    Personally, I loved Grand Maket. It is a very engaging museum/attraction. I had to almost drag my children out of this museum after 2 hours haha. They just kept wanting to stay. I think the fact that there are all kinds of buttons to push around the model is a big deal for kids. You can push a button and a train will go, or a concert will start, of firefighters will start fighting with forest tire, etc. My kids were fascinated. But you should factor in your kids age, if they are too old or too young, they might get bored pretty fast.

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    How interesting is it?

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    hello Casey,
    These are great suggestions for St. Petersburg, and that museum looks like so much fun. Have to plan a trip there, thanks for the inspiration!

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    I would suggest you spend all 4 days in St. Petersburg or do 3 in St. PEtersburg, and 1 in Moscow. Four days is not enough to enjoy both cities, so you have to cut something short. At the same time, 3 days in St. Petersburg is enough for the first timers. Here is a list of some cool things to do:
    Depending on how old your children are, it might be a good idea to go see the Grand Maket Rossiya museum, it is a lot of fun!Here is a description of the museum: Hope it helps!

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    Kyle McCarthy

    hello, we are on our way to Egypt in May and have found the best airfares from the US go through Russia. Can anyone suggest how to spend 4 days, maybe split between Moscow and St. Petersburg, or is this not enough time?
    Thank you!

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