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    Hi Meg, if anything changes and you’re open to this drive happening sometime in August, please email me. [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Happy to discuss this drive. Please email me at my email address below.



    [email protected]

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    Mark Dougherty

    I charge $10 an hour driving time based on Google maps. Because you did not mentioned where in California you want the car and your dog delivered so I picked San Diego and that is 46 hours driving time. San Francisco is 49 hours. You also pay expenses which are:
    Meals $40 per day.
    Motels $70+/-per night
    Plane tickets; one from San Diego to Boston and one from where I drop the car and the dog off, unless its my home in San Diego County.
    $60 for my wife to take me to the airport and pick me up on my return.
    Driving $460 to $490 and it could change depending where I am delivering the car and the dog.
    Meals for 6 days x $40= $240+/-
    Motels for 6 nights $70 $420+/-
    Plane ticket from San Diego to Boston $208.41 departs 8:45 am arrives 5:40 pm for July 12 if bought today.
    Unknown cost for return ticket as I do not know where I will be leaving from.
    I put all expenses on my credit card with the exception of the plane tickets. I ask that you put them on your credit card.
    This is an article written about me and other drivers like me:,%2C%20gas%2C%20lodging%20and%20meals.
    I have references.
    Me: I am 74, married 44+ years, have lived in the same house since 1977, non-smoker, father of one son and one daughter and Grandfather to two beautiful young ladies.
    My cell is 619-993-6577, home 619-443-6537 email [email protected]
    Mark Dougherty

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    Hi Meg, I would be happy to drive your car and take care of your baby. Send me an email to [email protected] I will answer back via email or phone however you prefer.
    Thanks Alan

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    Hi everyone,

    You are seeking someone to drive our reliable car and very sweet, very easy going dog from Massachusetts to California in July.

    Would love to speak with anyone who might be interested,

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