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    I think solo travel in Uzbekistan is definitely doable if you speak Russian and have been there before. The people do seem very friendly. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to have some backup from a local tour company in case you need any help with logistics. I’d say go for it solo but maybe look up some reputable tour operators as well so you have an option if you want a more guided experience or assistance at any point. Have a great trip!

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    Oh, I’ve been to Kazakhstan once and my favorite place there was Bayterek.
    “bextol PM reply 21-Apr-2020 12:35
    Bayterek (meaning tall poplar tree in Kazakh) is a 97-metre high monument and observation tower completed in 1997. It is meant to embody a Kazakh folk tale about a mythical tree of life and a magic bird of happiness, named Samruk, which is believed to have laid its egg between the branches of this mythic tree. The 97-metre height of the tower is meant to represent the fact that Astana became the nation’s capital in 1997. The building, somewhat irreverently, has been named the ‘Chupa Chups’ by the locals after the lollipop brand.” ( source: )

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    We travelled around Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan without any travel agencies. At we booked hostels or a room in house, dined in local cafes, went to markets there, which btw are so hectic and rustic but at the same time wonderful. Actually people in Uzbekistan are friendly and really nice. Even when we were crossing the Ustyurt plateau and suddenly we had to switch trains but we had to wait like the whole night somewhere in the middle of the desert (we were quite terrified, especially when my husband went to change money with the locals to the nearby town and he wasn’t coming back for two hours). A train attendant allowed us to sleep in the train car waiting for the next train to come. That was quite a journey. The Kazakhs, on the contrary, aren’t that opened and the country is less interesting than Uzbekistan but it’s really easy to get around because they launched a lowcost airline, https//flyarystan .com/ en. And it’s really interesting how people there actually allowed the capital to be renamed after their president

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    It’s a great place.It is good if you go there through with some travel company.

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    Hello! I’m planning my travel to Uzbekistan with parents. It will be my second visit. My friends advice not to use operator services. I speak russian and I can easily orient in Tashkent. Who traveled by solo way to Uzbekistan? Is it safety?

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