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    Grisel Camino

    Hello everyone,
    So in October 2022, we are planning a trip to Spain for my daughters 15’s birthday. We are flying into Barcelona and have a cruise booked for 5 days that will be visiting parts of France and Italy. We will be spending a total of 2 weeks there and wasn’t sure what was the best way to spend our remaining days. We did rent an apartment to spend a few days in Barcelona. This is my birth country and where part of my family is from, so I really wanted my kids to get to know Barcelona as well. However, we also really wanted to try and visit Paris and my daughter had dreams of taking her quinceanera pictures by the Eiffel tower. We wouldn’t have a lot of time to do this, so we would probably only be able to spend about 2 nights in Paris and just cut Barcelona a little shorter. I’m wondering if it’s worth the trip. I know its about 6 hours on the fast train, and so it cuts a lot of our time and wondering if it will be too much to try to do or even worth it for just 2 days. We could just have her take her 15s pictures in Barcelona, but its just not even remotely close to the Paris pictures. Any suggestions, ideas, recommendations? Thank you so much for your input.

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