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    Got these kids walkie talkies for my 7 years old son, who always like to talk with us through phone just like adults do. So I decide to buy this for him.

    My son is going for his scout camping trip this month. He wished to have a walkie talkie on this trip so I surprised him with this set. The set has a long range, up to 4 miles and is VOX (hands-free) capable. It is so easy to use that he learn everything in just a few minutes. It just requires 3 AAA batteries. It is early to comment about how long the battery would last but it is working wonderfully so far. My son is super excited and counting days so he can show his new walkie talkie to his scout team.

    He really likes the camouflage color as he pretends his maneuvers as a fireman, army guy etc.I own several acres and we can hear each other crystal clear across the farthest distance playing with each other!

    These are tiny, the perfect size to fit into the pocket of his jacket. Easy for kids and adults alike to use.

    I bought these kids walkie talkies from Amazon. Recently, these walkie talkies for kids seems are in promotion. If you are also sourcing toys for your kids, click the link here

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