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      Mikiko Anhoco

      If you have been on this tour during the National Holiday which lasts Oct. 1-7, was it really crowded? Would you recommend being on this tour during this time of year? Did the celebrations and the number of people who are traveling during this holiday interfere in any way with your tour? Or if you are planning to go on this tour, what are your thoughts about being in China during this time?
      Thanks for your opinions.

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      I am not from China so have no idea how they celebrated National Holiday? Anyway, this time have plan to go there so why not to postpone my plan till October to know more about the culture of this region.

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      Jack Scharf

      Hello Mikiko Anhoco

      I am from USA, I had an enjoyable experience by helicopter tour on national holiday. I will never forget the experience I gained. The tour package was very affordable at Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours.

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      Hotel Monarch

      I am planning on walking some of the Great Wall as well as spending a few days in Xian. … Private All-Inclusive Day Tour: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall. … The national holiday is a week long so more people will travel and longer distances as well.

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      Bluff City Taxi

      It is better not to plan your visit during the National Day week Oct. 1–7. This is because there is a massive crowd everywhere as more and more Chinese people come out of their homes to travel, leading to overcrowding, transport difficulties, price rises.

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      I’m planing visit China next year

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      Maureeno Waters

      Planning to visit some international cities.

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      Havishe travel

      Hello,everyone person want travel in during national holidays. There are many places to visit in India. so if you want to best packages for travel you should visit havishe travel.

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      Hello Mikiko Anchoco

      I am from Nepal, I had enjoyable trekking in Himalayas Annapurna Base camp.annapurna is ten highest mountain in the world on national holiday.i will never forget the experience of trekking.the trekking was very affordable and good service with guide and porter.

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      Susan Reed


      Are you looking Dubai Tour Packages from USA on this National Holiday? then, Akshar Travels help to make Dubai Tours Package from USA.

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