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    John Gentry

    Yes, I’ve been to Belgium twice. In Belgium, using a VPN is totally legal. Belgium is also known for its chocolate, waffles, and the Red Devils, its national football team. In Leuven, Belgium, there is a lot of fairy tale charm. History abounds in the streets. Everything old is looked after and kept in the greatest possible shape here. Taking a walk through Leuven, Belgium is like immersing yourself in the country’s live history. Instead of crumbling ancient buildings, you’ll see magnificent cathedrals and structures that reflect quality.

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    If you’re a woman, be careful traveling alone. I heard so many terrifying stories! This might be useful. Good luck!

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    Julie Gonzalez

    I don’t think so, I’ve got a friend who lives in Belgium and she uses a VPN at home and at work

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    Linda Martin

    I would like to travel to Belgium on vacation with family. Can anybody have a knowledge to use of vpn is prohibited or not in Belgium?

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