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    Irum Sohale

    Due to the coronavirus, no one can say for sure if entertainment sites would be open or not.
    The temperature is usually cold in Russia and September would be colder. Usually, travel sites or agents are open but because of less tourists, you might not see the actual merriment because with more tourists more facilities are open and you have a variety of things to do?
    But i believe it would be a peaceful tour of yours?

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    In Russia, the temperature is very dependent on the region. For example, in Moscow, -20 in winter and +30 degrees in summer. But Siberia is not a very warm summer. And in the southern regions it is very hot in summer and winter is very warm. You can read this kind of details here:

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    Suzain George

    The weather in Russia varies greatly between summer and winter, seasons which make it seem like a totally different country. In Moscow, for example, temperatures can rise from -25 °C degrees in winter, to over 30 °C degrees in summer. It’s a brutal temperature difference.

    In the table below, you can see the temperatures in Moscow for months, the average temperatures, as well as the minimum and maximum, and also the year in which the record was set. We can highlight the temperature of over 38 °C that was reached in the heat wave of 2010 or the minus 42 °C of the winter of 1940.

    Apart from these extreme temperatures, the average Moscow temperature in summer can be around 19 degrees (with a maximum of 24 °C and minimum of 14 °C in July), while in winter the average temperatures are around -6 degrees, but usually descend to -10.

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    Be sure to ride! Baikal is beautiful at any time of the year, pure magical air, picturesque nature and, of course, the famous lake will not leave anyone indifferent! I advise you to get on the train, it is much more comfortable than other modes and transport and, no less important. more budget. Take tickets to much cheaper than on other similar sites

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    Robin Cooper

    Russia is big, where exectly?

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    I advise you to go straight to and ask a travel expert there via the contact form. They answer free of charge.

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    Hello! My husband and 2 children want to go to Russia in September. We want to see Lake Baikal in the fall. They say it is very beautiful there this time of year.

    Tell me, are there many tourists in September? What is the weather like? Coldly? Is it possible to get to all the attractions (Olkhon Island, hot springs, etc.) outside the tourist season?

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