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    Julie Gonzalez

    If you wish to go to Greece, my favourite island is Rhodes where you can enjoy the sun and the beach at the hotel but also visit little cities around, I’ve been to Lindos which is a beautiful city with an acropolis.

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    Where is the location in Greece of Menalause castle

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    If you are planning to visit Greece then you must visit Protaras once. This is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. the Mediterranean foods are one of the attraction ins this place. The corner restaurant is one of the best restaurant in Protaras who are providing this foods. Beside this you can find the ultimate beauty of the nature.

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    Vangelis was excellent, everything went clockwork, as planned. He did a great job. We had great time

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    Hello, johnmarkou,

    Have you visited the Greece-Crete? You said that you are going to visit in the month of May 2019.

    If not, I want to suggest you the best Hotels and Places around. The information about rental cars.

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    Lekeisha White

    I would like to recommend this for you to read at least have an idea on what to expect when visiting Greece. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay there. Good luck!

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    Priya Singh

    Hi, I am a traveler, Greece born, already been traveled to more than 40 countries, such as France, Italy, the UK and many more and there is no sign that I will stop anytime, so join me with my trips which will allow you to gain an understanding of how people in a completely different part of the world live and function.
    If you love to know about Greece then visit Greece tour guide

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    If you are into sailing, I would definitely recommend renting a boat to circumnavigate the island. Last year we rented a sailboat via Click&Boat, a boat rental platform (https: // /us) from a guy called Sifis. He was our skipper too, genuinely decent guy who introduced us to Cretan culture and cuisine – try kaltsounia! Favourite places: Sfakia, Loutro (if I remember well you can only reach the village by boat), Balos, Falasarna, Paliohora. If you are into hiking, Samaria gorge too. Axel

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    June is the start of the summer season in Crete which is the best time to visit this beach paradise. Chania town is the must-visit region in Crete try not to miss it. As far as car rentals lately there are many good service providers which offer good deals and services.

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    I’m also interested to read about someone’s experience

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    I am planning to visit Greece-Crete the next month any recommendetions?Hotels?I have been there before many yearsand i don’t remember anything.I would also like to rent a car crete so if you have any suggetions tell me…..

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