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    Chad McArdle

    Retired military (former Navy Supply Corps Officer) and retired Financial Executive. Former test vehicle driver with over 50,000 accident free miles including 5 trips from Las Vegas to Detroit, 2 trips from Las Vegas to Denver and 1 trip from Chino California to Bemidji Minnesota.

    Providing vehicle transportation anywhere in the US for very reasonable rates! $10/hr based on Point A to Point B Google Maps (shortest distance), plus expenses. I generally drive about 700 miles/day (12 hours). Expenses are generally $30/day for food, $70/night hotel. Gas costs depend on the vehicle and airfare depends on the to/from information.

    Example trip (Las Vegas, Nevada to Detroit, Michigan – 2100 miles)
    Day 1 – Vegas to Denver, hotel
    Day 2 – Denver to Omaha, hotel
    Day 3 – Omaha to Indiana, hotel
    Day 4 – Indiana to final destination, fly home

    Google Maps: 29 hours = $290.00
    Per Diem: $30/day x 4 = $120.00
    Hotel: $70/night x 3 = $210.00
    Airfare $300.00
    Lyft/Uber home from airport: $20.00
    Total: $940.00 + fuel expenses

    Estimated fuel: 2100 miles / 25 mpg = 84 gallons * $2.75/gallon = $231.00

    Feel free to contact me for more information. References are available.

    Chad McArdle
    cmmcardle6 [at]

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