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    Oliver James

    I can offer you some general advice on renting a larger vehicle for your trip from Long Island Sound to Virginia in August.
    1. Rent a larger vehicle like a cargo van or box truck with enough space for your personal items, including the inversion table.
    2. Research and compare rental companies like U-Haul, Budget, and Penske for availability and pricing.
    3. Make a reservation well in advance and plan your route and schedule accordingly.
    4. Ensure you meet the rental requirements, including age, driver’s license, and insurance coverage.
    5. Be prepared for fuel costs, lodging, and meals during the trip, as well as potential weather delays.
    6. Drive safely, comply with traffic laws, and have proper insurance coverage.
    7. Keep the vehicle owner informed and follow agreed-upon terms and conditions.
    8. Read and understand the rental contract before signing.
    Safe travels!

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    Micah Goentzel

    I am looking to drive your car/pickup/trailer from the Luger sound to near Virginia the 1st-2nd of August. Barring weather, your vehicle will arrive a maximum of 4 days later.

    I am hoping for a larger vehicle I could transport 400 pounds of personal items, the largest being an inversion table. I will cover all my own costs; all I ask is you cover fuel and 50$/day stipend.

    I am a professional CDL driver with experience.

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