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      Now a watching whale in the is an adventurous journey and that too with your family is an interesting isn’t. When I was a kid I always want to see how whalefish is diving in the sea water
      Anyone can go and share his experience by visiting whale watching mirrisa sea site tour

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      Vietnam is good place for you. I read in Tripadvisor that he dived in Nha Trang when he came across a whale. I’m not sure how we can dive ourself. But I think we book a adventurous tour. It will help you have more interesting activities. I booked in this page.They design my customized tour

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        Yes sure you can enjoy whale watching in Mirissa Sri lanka. I personally had a chance to experience it with family . We went on the trip with Chaminda. A specious boat with very supportive crew.Also more interesting we can learn lot about with about whales vist them online whale watching mirissa

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      Yes of Whale watching is a fantastic leisure activity for my self . recently we had the opportunity go whale watching in Mirissa . we had lot of enjoyment and fun as well as knowledge about whales and marine life. and how they eventually helps maintain our ecosystem. We went with whale watching chaminda . you may know lot of information about whale watching in Sri lanka here

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      liouk lopiu

      I also visit or attend this tour and I also do some fishing by using 5 person canoe and fulfill my target as well.

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