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    I do agree that it’s not necessary but it’s encouraged if you’re traveling to non-english speaking countries especially those countries known for cultural and architectural attractions like some of the European countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc) and South American countries (Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay). Like this private tour in Argentina, you may visit the country by yourself but if you want in-depth knowledge of the local area https://gowithguide.com/argentina/buenos-aires this helps a lot. Customizing your trip is another factor if you don’t want to visit those areas that you have already been to, or if you are travelling with your family or friends and don’t want other groups to join, this is a great option. Moreover, an english-speaking tour guide will make the trip informative. It’s great to know the country’s history.

    You can plan your trip yourself though especially if you like spontaneous travel and just be cautious for scams and a lot of patience and be respectful when you’re trying to convey your message to those non-english speaking countries since you’re the one who visit to their country.

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    It actually depends on the place you’d like to travel to. In Western or European places it’s might be not necessary. But in some places, you will need a local or private tour guide especially for the non-English speaking country if you want to get around the area.

    Let’s say you’re going to South Korea, most elderly shop owners are adamant to talk and welcome tourists because of the language barrier, best way to communicate with them is by getting an English-speaking guide. You can talk to one and personalize your itinerary with them prior to your visit, an example is this service and the guide will give you in-depth knowledge of the local area, its history, culture, and attractions. They can provide valuable insights, stories, and behind-the-scenes information that you may not otherwise have access to.

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    Anastasia Frolova

    I think it’s outdated to use travel agents nowadays. Now you can book your own accommodation, plane tickets and even entertainment. For example, you can get unique excursions directly from locals anywhere in the world, which is very convenient

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    In my opinion travel agents are overrated and over priced. There are now better ways to plan your trip anywhere – for example here you can see your personal trips and like-minded locals anywhere you go

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    Allen katherine

    The information you provide is really NYC, Thanks for this information.

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    A travel agent is an individual that helps you plan your trip. They can help you with booking flights, hotels, and even transportation. They know the best destinations and can recommend what to see in the area. Travel agents can provide you with the most relevant information about the destination and suggest your itinerary or itineraries that suit your needs. Planning your trip is not as easy as it sounds. It would be best to consider many factors – budget, itinerary, accommodation, travel time, etc. The average cost for a travel agent is about $100 an hour, but it can vary depending on the service provided and how much time the attorney needs to spend on your case.

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