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    Appreciation is likely one of the hardest things for people these days to express.
    I feel confident, however, that over the 10 years you’ve been helping people with their needs, some actually do appreciate it.
    It is most useful to keep in mind, do things for others because you can, expect no more than asked for up front, and when someone reached out with an open hand and a smile, enjoy!
    Stay safe, act smart, and remain positive!

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    Mark Dougherty

    My name is Mark Dougherty. I have replied to many many posts for the past ten years and in that period of time I have received very few responses to my replies saying thank you for replying but we hired someone else. It takes time to create a quote. It’s just like filing a job application and a resume, you want to give the poster the best deal you can. I want thank all the people that have hired me over the last ten years and I hope thank more people in the years to come.
    Mark Dougherty
    [email protected]

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