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There is life all around us from the tallest tree
There is beauty all around us from the tiniest flower

One never knows when they step outside what adventures they might run into. Exciting adventures like someone watering their lawn or a person walking their dog with headphones glued to their ears. I stepped out into the precious world of Spokane Washington; a city that is mostly known for potholes under the name of “That One City Near Seattle”. Now, I know what you probably thinking right now, none of this seems thrilling, in fact, it appears quite boring. Why in the world would someone continue to read a travel blog when you are merely stepping outside your doorstep, after all, how is that traveling? My goal for this blog is to prove that notion wrong. I want to show you what experiences awaited me when I decided to step outside and take a moment to do something, that in the world of technology, is not done enough. I took this precious moment to notice.

One. Two. Three. Breath. I stepped outside, surrounded by bushes, trees, and grass that was so green it would make the Grinch envious. Flowers exclaiming cheerfully “You finally decided to do it. You decided to notice us!” Butterflies, dragonflies, and bees were cruising around the air like they weren’t even afraid of what they might find in this open world. It’s funny how much beauty you miss when you are too busy to look around.

You miss life. Children were running around playing; their laughs creating the sound of simpler times, carefree times. You could almost see the spaceship and stars that they imagined in their head. I walked farther almost as if my feet were telling my mind where to go so that my eyes could see, and they did. They saw a family working their hardest for their vision to unfold onto the landscape. They saw a squirrel scramble across the yard, probably in hopes of finding a nice treat waiting for it. They saw a car driving much too fast as if their life depended on their destination. Nothing like a whizzing car to snap you back into reality and give you a moment of realization. Just like that car, we are all driving too quickly. We don’t take time for seeing, hearing, breathing. When was the last time you stopped and took in the beauty? Because I can tell you it had been a long time for me.

Maybe this wasn’t the type of blog post you were expecting. Maybe you were expecting California, Florida, or somewhere in England. You were probably expecting a fistful of landmarks that explained exactly where I was. A post that would have some mention of some good food I tasted and how much fun the whole experience was. Although there is nothing wrong with those blog posts, that’s not what mine is. I gave landmarks of a different kind for you to follow. Children’s laughter, a family’s determination, and a bird’s loving song. It’s not the Eiffel Tower, buts it’s the life around us. It’s a traveling experience on not only a budget but one that feels all the more charming surrounded by your hometown and the beauty you thought you knew.

I’ll leave you with this. Go out and experience life away from this technology infested world and travel to a destination that doesn’t require amusement parks or a selfie to capture its beauty. The landmarks are there for you to follow along; so go and create your own adventure.

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