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Lost Lake, Grand Mesa, Colorado, USA

During the summer of 2018 my wanderlust was still going strong and we were visiting my family in Grand Junction, Colorado. My only goal for our one free day was to see some big pine trees. My mother suggested a lake she visited as a child.

The recent reviews mentioned mosquitoes so we covered up and brought a small bottle of bug spray (spoiler: we should of brought more spray). The drive up to the Mesa from Grand Junction only took about an hour and once you were up in the trees, time flew by. The drive included gorgeous lakes, massive trees, and tons of wildlife such as deer, turkey, and bighorn sheep. Once we got closer to the parking lot, mosquitoes began to appear on our windshield. We got out of the car and were swarmed. We thought promptly spraying ourselves with the bug spray was a solution although, later we would find out we were wrong.

The actual hike is rated moderate on with a 400 foot elevation gain with a mile hiking in and another heading out. A majority of the hike is shaded and it would be a optimal morning hike. Despite our best efforts to run from the mosquitoes, soak ourselves in bug spray and cover up head to toe, the bugs won in the end.

Nearing the lake we began to get a feeling deep down that our destination was near. Through the giant aspen trees we got a glimpse of the mesmerizing teal green water. Surrounding the secluded Lost Lake were volcanic rocks created by volcanic fusion millions of year before we set sight on this spectacle. After soaking in he beauty of the lake we began to rest. While siting on the rocks while pictures are being taken, snacks are being eaten and our Hydro Flasks were quenching our thirst a feeling of pure happiness rushed in me. That feeling when you hear the wind rustling the distant trees gradually growing closer to you. This feeling embodies the whole lake. A similar sound to ocean waves crashing on the shore.

This place is hard to describe if you have never seen it yourself but here is my attempt. Wildlife included white butterflies fluttering past and nearing chipmunk desiring your snack. The warm sun beating onto the rocks raising my body temperature. The whole scenario was summed up with the occasional fish jumping for joy. As I sit I let my mind wonder. I began to ask myself, how did I get so lucky? How many have experienced this feeling similar to me? How long has this been here? All these questions really put life into perspective. Although the most important question I think of is, when can I come back!

My only regret out of the whole hike was that I didn’t touch the water, only due to my forgetfulness. In addition I wish we would of visited during a different time of the year, due to the mosquitoes. A little advice for any future hikers, summer is not a recommended time to hike in mosquito infested forests. If you ever decided to get a chance to visit Lost Lake I would do nothing but encourage you to visit. A little advice, if the weather permits it live on the edge and take a quick swim in the lake. It will be completely worth it! Happy travels and remember to channel your inner wanderlust!

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