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My family has always been very active with each other. We enjoy doing anything and everything we can together, perferably outside. From the time I can remember we have been going to different places all over the US for different vacations. 

The most recent vacation was to Alaska. Yes, it is a bit of a travel from our home in Missouri, but it is completely worht it. Alaska offers many things that our home doesn’t, like the greatest view one could hope to find anywhere.

Alaska was also one of our most productive vacations. I say this because it is light out pretty much all day this time of year. This gives visitors and even the locals much more time to do the things that have to be done, giving time for the fun stuff.

There are many things to do in Alaska. Our family chose to help run a Vacation Bible school while we were up there, this not only made my heart happy to see all of the people learning about God, it was really fun, there are so many things that you can do with the kids. One thing that they really enjoy is sports.

Because of this trip i want to use my future to help kids all over the world. So last but not least thank you Alaska for helping me discover my dreams.

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