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Walking across the white hot sand, boogie board in one hand and a towel in the other, I picked a spot to lay my things down, put some sunscreen on my skin, and gazed thoughtfully at the vast stretch of ocean that lay before me. I realized again what a beautiful sight the ocean was to see, for it had been so long since my last visit. I have been anticipating this day, and the feeling of excitement and enjoyment that would come with it, for many long hours.


And now that I was finally here, walking across Destin Florida’s beautiful white sanded beach, I just couldn’t wait to get into the water. There was a blanket of light grey cloud across the sky, shielding us from the burning rays of the sun; and the water was warm, filled with many stinging jellyfish. I walked along the shore line, looking for a clear patch of water so that my boogie boarding fun could begin.

There were hundreds of people at the beach today, because although it was not too sunny, it was extremely hot. Everyone was laughing and smiling, having an enjoyable time playing at the beach. As for my boogie boarding, it was a bit hard at first and pretty painful because of all the jellyfish stings.

This was my first time learning, but the waves proved great fun because of their strength and size. I failed many times, but with a smile on my face and laughter in my eyes, I tried again and again. After about an hour of playing in the water, extremely tired at this point, I laid out my towel and stared absently at the sky above.

Then suddenly, I noticed something odd about my surroundings. Something was different, the air felt quiet and the sky towards the ocean was starting to turn a dark grey color. They were storm clouds forming, filled with water threatening to pour down upon us at any moment.

The waves were beginning to crash more violently than ever against the shore. Sitting up intently now, I saw rays of lightning shoot down like whips that illuminated across the sky and not so far off could be heard the low rumble of thunder. People all around me began to pack their things in fear of this spectacular sight.

I could not take my eyes off the ocean, as if the smashing of the waves hypnotized me. It was amazing to see the waves move in so many different directions, as if they no longer only wanted to crash against the shore line, but crashing left and right against one another as well. The wind picked up quickly, blowing umbrellas and floating devices this way and that.

Parents frantically grabbed their little ones and placed them in their cars. Everyone seemed determined to start for home. Even my family started rushing around, picking up our beach things and loading them into the car.

I was too engaged in the sight of this storm to be moved, however, and so stood my ground in awe. Now, looking at the water, more dangerous creatures such as jellyfish were filling the shallow areas, leaving the fleeting people with red slashes across their bodies, stinging violently with each step they took. The aggressiveness of the ocean and the wind was the start of a terrible tropical storm, and I wanted to see it. I knew this tropical storm was the start of a great hurrican, Bonnie, and I was amazed to be able to watch it from the start. However, my family urged me to leave with them as the people were closing the beach to the public. A purple and black flag was raised at the beach’s entrance, signifying dangerous creatures and the closing of the beach. It was here that I realized just how strong Mother Nature really is and how afraid of her people are. Humans have so much technology now against almost everything that can possibly hurt us, but the one thing that they cannot stop is Mother Nature and her violent rages of anger. People cannot protect themselves or the world when she blows away all we have, nor when her tears flood our lands. I’d never really thought about this before, but this revelation came to me the moment everyone began to flee from the sight of danger in the sky. They knew there was no way that mankind could protect them from this kind of destruction. I amused myself with the thought of how humans believe ourselves so high and mighty against all other creatures in the world, yet tremble at merely the sight of Mother Nature. Man is no greater than anyone else, no matter what he is capable of, because there is always something stronger than him.

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