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If you’ve ever had younger siblings you know how annoying family vacations can be. First you have the annoying car ride there with the same old questions, ‘Are we there yet’, or ‘How much longer?’ Either way you need a bottle of Tylenol and some ear plugs. My sophomore year we took a trip to Florida.


Now to you that might not seem like a big deal but for a family with seven kids and living in a small town in Missouri to us it was a huge deal. So while driving down there I kept myself very entertained with various things that I brought along. What I didn’t plan for was the shocking discovery I found out.

Even wonder why maybe one of your younger siblings copy everything you do? I use to until I went on this trip. I have a younger sister who was six at the time and she loved taking my things out of my room to play with or to put my make up on, and well I use to get so angry at her. While on this trip I decided to share a hotel room with her while all of the others paired up in different rooms.

While being alone with her I got to know her on a more personal level. See four of my siblings are actually my cousins who my aunt left for someone else so we decided to take them in nine years ago. While locked in this room at night she told me of the things she remembered about her mom and the things she wish she never knew.

After she was done telling her story I was in tears because I couldn’t believe all of the horrible things she had to go through and she was only six. That night I stayed up thinking about the things she had to go through and how I always thought my life was bad, but after hearing that story I knew I had it easy compared to her. While visiting Disney World I decided to take her under my wing and make sure that she had a fantastic experience.

I let her tag along with me, wear my jewelry and make up, heck I even let her wear her favorite pair of shoes of mine (even though they were a bit too big for her.) On the ride home it was quieter. As I looked around I saw a few of my other siblings sleeping and I saw my six year old sister writing something. I didn’t know what it was but after she had finished she allowed me to read it.

To this day I still remember what it said even though the letter is long gone. It said, ‘Dear God, thank you for giving me such a wonderful family. I really enjoy being with them especially Brittainy.

She’s the perfect sister. I love her. Love Amanda.’ Now granted there were a few errors in her writing but I knew what she meant.

Once again I was in tears as I read the note over and over again until it got too dark to see anything and she was asleep. Then I made a little prayer of my own to god thanking him for making such a wonderful little child. Isn’t it funny how little kids never cease to amaze you with the things they say?

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