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One day a year or so ago, I had made a terrible and sinister mistake. During the session our family holds for planning out new trips, which was actually us gathered around the television set, I had randomly asked, ‘Hey, how about we go to Hawaii?’ My parents just glanced at me like I was the village idiot and continued talking about going to either Florida or Arizona. Then, I only shrugged and sat back to watch CSI, but I never knew that after I went to bed, my mom wondered out loud to my dad. ‘Hmm — Hawaii doesn’t sound too bad.’

And there we had it. For some reason, we were going off to Hawaii during Spring break using our money from God knows where. I didn’t particularly care, I was just glad that we were actually going on a plane off to the beautiful tropical sunshine beaches of Maui.

I was so excited that I bragged to my friends, teachers, and complete strangers in the hallway that this trip was going to be great. Wrong! Spring break finally came, and we left around six in the morning, barely able to sleep on the small cramped planes, and highly annoyed when the absence of outlet plugs for our laptops became apparent. I don’t know how we made it through the turbulence and countless instructions on how to put on a seatbelt. But actually I do know why, it was the promise of Hawaii, ah.

When we got to the airport in Maui around the wee hours of twelve or so our time, it was storming. In my hometown, it stormed during the night too, so there was nothing to worry about. Everything was good, and for our patience, we even got to see a slug drag itself in front of us, but that slug did not help us with finding our way to our hotel. We finally tiredly got to our hotel, after going to the glamorous one next to it only to have our high hopes dashed, and went to sleep around two our time.

That morning, we opened our door and were faced with rolling mountains and a sweet smell wafting around our noses. We saw the little houses dotted along the landscape and a couple of scampering cats down below in the parking lot. Oh yeah, don’t forget the torrents of rain.

We dashed to our car, drove around and managed not to get sucked into the ocean, and went to our scheduled luau. The sun was peeking out at last and I finally thought that everything was going to be wonderful once more. The first dancer in the clearing set in front of our table took her first step with everyone’s, including my own, breath held, and it rained.

So much for the luau. The next day was to include a dinner cruise. Nice, I thought, my first cruise. I was the first one to wake up and get ready for the day. I was all geared up, and when we opened our hotel room’s door, we were greeted with a faint glimmer of sun. Ok, no rain, wonderful! So we dabbled around some outdoor shopping areas, drenched by the rain of course, and steered clear from swimming in the muddied ocean.

Finally, it was time for our cruise. The cruise from Hades, I mean. It wasn’t enough to have this pipsqueak boat be our cruise boat, but to have not-so-good-tasting-food with horrible entertainment as well just took the cake. I decided to go out next to one of the boat’s sides and for a couple of minutes, I thought that this wasn’t so bad, even though the cruise was almost never ending. I mean, I got to see the mountains be absorbed into the dark ocean while the night sky embraced them.

Then, I heard a wrenching sound and found that the person next to me was throwing up. Then it rained. Mood ruined? I think so. Ah, so the next day, we were whisked off into the adventure of whale watching. The trip actually started out to be really fun, but we only saw about, three or so whales out in the distance before it started raining needles and we had to go in. Wonderful.

The day we left Hawaii, the sun was beaming, the water was glimmering, and you could almost hear the traditional song of Hawaii being played. I had made a terrible, sinister mistake, but the problem is, I’d like to go back! Aloha!!

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